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that moment you realize that yes, you are in fact mable 

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Hey I made a soundcloud page to post all my dumb covers and stuff. In case anyone is into that kind of thing. 


A thought


I keep hesitating to post this but I think I will just do it. 

These are some songs that I wrote in the summer of 2002, that I have collected into an “album.” They are all from the same period in my life - 20, in university, feeling isolated and struggling with my anxiety and depression issues in a major way for the first time.  

I have never considered myself a musician but I am proud of these songs and would rather they exist beyond just inside of me and my computer.


Cosplayers: C&C Cosplay [tumblr / facebook]
Photographer: Zach Picard

cccakery doing the best Daft Punk cosplay #facti love you guys!

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~   Sylvia Plath (via lovely—delight)
Somehow last night’s midnight showing of Harmontwon at Toronto’s Hot Docs Festival wasn’t sold out, which is a shame ‘cause it’s a good little documentary that really inspired me to get off my butt, create and interact with people more

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Finally uploading all my pictures from my pairs trip - you have been warned 

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Thanks to pinkysnails I now have nails fit for Beyoncé ♥

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Guys, I’m totally ready for emeraldcitycomicon.


On going proof that cccakery brings fandom to a whole new level




Omg this guys face…his glitter eyebrows…is this real? What is this?
Link to free pattern for that pizza on his head: http://makezineblog.files.wordpress.com/2013/07/glittery-eyebrows.jpg?w=1000&h=1500

Ha ha oh dear lord that is amazing.

Paging Glitterhag!

dramallamaknitting, can i marry him?!

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